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Nine Long Island legal eagles talk about the passions & hobbies that let them follow their bliss beyond the briefcase.

How do Long Island lawyers decompress when they’re not on the job consulting with clients, writing briefs or appearing in court? They tread the boards, punch the bag, collect rare Bibles, coach track and field, clown around and fly/drive sports cars around the world — among other relaxing and challenging pursuits.

Patrick A. Reilly 

Handles general civil practice, real estate, wills and estate planning at the Law Firm of Patrick A. Reilly, Freeport

Regional theater actor and co-owner of Hardscrabble Theater in Farmingdale

Why he loves it
“It’s an artistic outlet – there is nothing else like performing live for people. The big roles I’ve done include Henry Higgins in ‘My Fair Lady’ and Benjamin Stone in ‘Follies.’ I’ve just been cast as Sidney Bruhl, the lead in Clare Rose Playhouse’s production of ‘Deathtrap,’ which opens at the end of April. Regional theater is like a family. You will do a show with people, and then you won’t see them for years, and then you come back together for a show, and it’s almost like they never left.”

“Regional theater is like a family.”


Cherice Vanderhall  

Handles municipal law, employment discrimination and family law at The Law Offices of Cherice P. Vanderhall, Uniondale; village attorney, Village of Hempstead

Track and field coach, Uniondale High School

Why she loves it
“Five days a week I coach shot put, discus, and hammer and weight throws. I myself was a thrower at Uniondale High School, where I was a Nassau County Champion and All-State, and at The University at Albany, where I was All-Conference. I use a skill that I have, and know well, and it’s a way for me to mentor young women and men at my alma mater. One of my girls came very close to breaking my own high school record in the shot put and won a full athletic and academic scholarship to Bowdoin College in Maine.”

It’s a way for me to mentor young women and men at my alma mater.”


Daniel Buttafuoco

Handles personal injury and malpractice at Buttafuoco and Associates, Woodbury

The Historical Bible Society, a repository he founded to preserve, protect and display Holy Scripture

Why he loves it
“I collect very important, historic Bibles, such as the title page of I Samuel, from the Gutenberg Bible, the first book ever printed using movable type; an original Tyndale Bible by William Tyndale, the Englishman who first translated the Bible into English in 1525, and the first ever printed King James Bible, which weighs about 20 pounds. I also have thousand-year-old illuminated manuscripts and the world’s smallest Bible – the size of a Chiclet. I find it fascinating and important, and it generates interest in the Bible, something everybody should know about.”

“I collect very important, historic Bibles.”


Christine Coscia

Handles medical malpractice at the Law Office of Robert F. Danzi


Why she loves it
“I’ve loved the New York Islanders ever since their string of Stanley Cup championships in the early 1980s. Nowadays, I have season tickets and go to 20 to 25 of their home games. I get changed into my authentic players’ jersey and go to the game. I’ve been to the hockey museum and Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto, and if I’m ever away and there happens to be a game somewhere, I would absolutely go.”

“I have season tickets and go to 20 to 25 of their home games.”


New York Army Guard

Capt. Craig H. Handler

Handles construction, commercial and business law, technology, civil litigation, insurance and real estate; partner at Twomey Latham Shea Kelley Dubin & Quartararo LLP, Riverhead

Volunteer Judge Advocate assigned to the 7th Legal Support Detachment, 88th Brigade, New York Army Guard

Why he loves it
“When local military units are deploying for duty overseas, the New York Guard legal team will meet with the deploying service members in order to make sure all of their immediate legal needs are met, such as drafting or updating wills, preparing healthcare proxies and powers of attorney. New York Guard soldiers are all volunteers. The experience of working with soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines is exceptionally rewarding. These men and women are leaving their families for many months at a time. My work helps grant them peace of mind before shipping off, with the knowledge that they have the most important legal issues covered for their families.”

“My work helps grant them peace of mind before shipping off.”


Bryan L. Salamone

Handles divorce law at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., Melville

Award-winning international supercar rally driver

Why he loves it
“There is no greater adventure. You take a car – in my case a chrome Lamborghini – on planes to a series of international charity-based events in the U.S., Europe and Asia. In the summer of 2018, I successfully completed my trip around the world in Tokyo. It’s an exciting and thrilling hobby – and it beats stamp collecting.”

“It beats stamp collecting.”


Sacha Comrie

Handles real estate at Comrie & Associates PLLC, Freeport

Director, sponsorship and outreach, Future Leaders of Jamaica, a nonprofit organization that offers scholarships to high school students in Jamaica 

Why she loves it
“I grew up in Oceanside as a first-generation American and chairing the scholarship committee helped me to find a way to give back to Jamaica, where both of my parents were born. The first year our organization raised money for one scholarship by passing a hat around a basement party, the next year we sent five students to school and six years later we raised more than $1 million Jamaican to send 40 students to high school and provide all of our 10th grade students with laptops. Being able to help someone to do something that you got to do for free is amazing.”

“We raised more than $1 million Jamaican to send 40 students to high school.”

Patricia C. Marcin 

Handles trusts and estates at Farrell Fritz, P.C., Uniondale

Punching a bag at TITLE Boxing Club in Huntington

Why she loves it
“Boxing is really good for your core. I do not get into the ring. Instead there’s a 15-minute warm-up, then it’s eight, three-minute rounds working the bag with a progression of punches – a jab, a right hook, a left uppercut. We really work hard for clients dealing with family matters, and this is a period of time when you cannot think about that. I’m literally focused on being there, punching the bag.”

Boxing is really good for your core.”


Rachel Zampino

Court attorney, New York State Supreme Court, Mineola

Passion/hobby Clown in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Why she loves it
“Being a lawyer can be serious business. So, it’s always good, now and then, to put on a red nose and let your inner 5-year-old run down the street in an oversized rain slicker screaming, ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ Making that one person know you are glad to see her, or that your big smile and silly antics are just for him, and seeing them smile back, is the best part of the day.”

Let your inner 5-year-old run down the street in an oversized rain slicker.”